OC Africa is committed to contributing to the encouragement and development of servant leadership among pastors and ministry leaders in southern Africa. The future of southern Africa will be established upon pastoral and ministry leaders who serve their congregations with humility, wisdom, and integrity and who have a solid understanding of Biblical truth.

OC Africa offers biblical training and leadership development courses for this purpose. Principles related to godly leadership and a better understanding of the Bible will equip southern Africa’s leaders to lay a strong foundation for church health and growth.

OC Africa provides Biblical training for pastoral leaders who have not been afforded opportunity to receive it due to their location or their circumstance in life. Areas of focus include: getting to know the Bible and its themes and principles of leadership.

Biblical Training and Leadership Development is offered in a variety of settings such as leadership retreats, Bible schools, weekend seminars, small groups, churches, and so on.

OC Africa will facilitate their training in your location whenever possible.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Scott Modrall for more information.