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Who We Are

Christopher and Leigh Harrison have experienced God’s deep love and a call on their lives. Christopher was born in Natal and Leigh was born and raised in Zimbabwe. They love South Africa and her vibrant people. They see tremendous potential for God’s Kingdom to be made known in the lives of all South Africans and for Christ’s transforming work to impact this nation. They have grown in grace and love through 30 years of marriage and have two adult daughters, Shervon and Alyssa.


What We Do

Christopher has served as an ordained minister in the Methodist Church family for 32 years, in a variety of contexts, but mostly in senior leadership of congregations in Centurion and Bryanston. He has a MA (Theology) in Missional Church planting. The call to ministry is rooted in his mission statement: “I exist to explore the love and mystery of God, to experience this in my marriage and family life, and express this in helping churches to grow.” Christopher’s walk with Jesus has lead him into pioneer ministry. This has included assisting the Walks to Emmaus being established throughout Southern Africa, developing Alpha in local churches in Gauteng in the mid 1990’s, and being part of the pioneer group for ‘Fresh Expressions’ in South Africa. Christopher is an OC Africa Strategic Ministry Partner through his ministry, “Fresh Bread Ministries”, where he is one of five directors. He serves on the Fresh Expressions National Executive and is a trained Missional Coach.

Leigh has her MA (Linguistics) and a BTh. She runs her own training and development business, Belvue Consulting, is CEO of Wisdoms, and joint-CEO of Isithebe Wellness and Development.

What We Offer

Christopher encourages and trains Christ-followers to share the Gospel in contextually relevant and innovative ways to mobilize local congregations to see “the world as our parish”. He is passionate about seeing people develop a vibrant, deep and life-giving relationship with Jesus Christ. In this he offers:

  • Coaching for missional congregations and people in urban areas
  • Proclaiming the Gospel in innovative ways
  • Nurturing families and family life
  • Evangelism Training
  • Workshops/Consultations for shaping a local congregation for Christ’s mission
  • Preaching the Gospel in various contexts and social media
  • Mission Shaped Ministry Training
  • Weddings, Marriage enrichment and parenting training.  

Leigh supports Christopher in this adventure in some joint projects which they do together.


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