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Who We Are

Dinah and Bodo Ratsimbajaona are associates with OC Africa. Their vision is to replicate the discipliship principles of Jesus to fulfill the Great Commission. They serve the local church leadership in the Indian Ocean Islands regions of Madagascar, Comoros, Mauritius, Reunion, Seychelles and more. Dinah and Bodo moved with their three children to Johannesburg in November 2000. They have served the Hub Churches and DAWN Ministries. 

What We Do

Dinah raised the 6th generation church planters in the rainforest of Madagascar. They planted 3,450 generational churches, among animistic and ancestral worshiping people. Their mission and vision is to develop quality leaders throughout the communities, villages, people groups, regions, and nations. Dinah is trusting the Lord to train 2,000 leaders to plant enough churches to reach 15,000 villages and islands by 2020.

What We Offer

Dinah travels extensively across the Indian Ocean region Islands and the eastern rain forest region of Madagascar for ongoing church planting, leadership follow-up training and coaching to motivate and encourage the team leaders to maintain the DNA of the biblical value, while church multiplication continues.

Dinah is leading the Field projects management, and the Hub Training Center project in the Region.